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* 2nd Annual EMS Management Conference is June 6-7, 2016 in Bismarck.  More information

   >>>> Registration for the EMS Management Conference

* Future of the EMS System in North Dakota statewide meeting information and RSVP is found here 

* Escaping Violent Encounters (E.V.E.) Courses being held in August 2016 > Click here for the EVE4EMS/Fire Courses

   >>>> Registration will open June 1 and limited to 24 participants per course

Congratulations to 2015 NDEMSA Stars of Life winner Kerry Krikava and Dale Torgerson. We thank you for all you do!

* Conference Wrap up Response Time- Here

* Recent NDEMSA Monthly Email Newsletter

* NDEMSA Merchandise is now available online here.


Enbridge Training and grant information found here

*2016 I/C Refresher Course Information here


If you have news to share, please let us know!   

Email us at:  NDEMSA.office@NDEMSA.org 


  1. IC Refresher Course Information Here
  2. Future of EMS Here
Upcoming Events


May 24, 2016 Future of EMS Panel Discussion, Minot

May 31, 2016 Future of EMS Panel Discussion, Grand Forks

June 6-7, 2016 EMS Management Conference, Bismarck

June 7, 2016 Future of EMS Panel Discussion, Jamestown

June 14, 2016 Future of EMS Panel Discussion, Ray

June 22, 2016  I/C Refresher Course, Minot

July 19, 2016 The Last Future of EMS Panel Discussion, Fargo

September 23-25 2016 SW Conference, Medora ND

December 31, 2016 All NDEMSA Board Nominations Due

January 21-22, 2017 SE Conference, Jamestown

January 28-29, 2017 NW Conference, Minot

January 31, 2017 EMS Day at the Capitol - Stars of Life Celebration

February 18-19, 2017 NW Conference, Grand Forks

March 1, 2017 All Award Nominations Due

April 6-8, 2017 42nd EMS Rendezvous Conference, Bismarck


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