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Toolkits for the Rural EMS Counts Measures

The Toolkits are intended to provide additional information on the selected quality measures' clinical relevance and provide the reader with specific details on how best to develop systems of care, workflows, and standard operating procedures that improve patient outcomes by addressing the selected quality measures. The Toolkits also includes relevant external and other publicly accessible articles and resources that can further support North Dakota’s Rural EMS agencies and providers in understanding and improving care.

You can review the toolkit for all the measures by clicking on this link.  Toolkit

To review individual toolkits, you can click on the links below.





Safety (Provider)

Safety (Patient)

Checklist PDF (4.25 X 5.5 inch)

Checklist PDF (2.75 X 5.25 inch)

Rural EMS Counts Learning Notes

Super Rural/Rural/Urban Breakdown

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