North Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association


Founded in 1976, the North Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association (NDEMSA) has been actively involved in emergency medical services (EMS) throughout North Dakota. NDEMSA has dedicated its resources to sustaining and strengthening the EMS system in North Dakota. Since our inception we have been committed to providing a voice and resources to all of our members in order to ensure that pre-hospital patient care in North Dakota remains exceptional.

Our leadership, through the highest levels of honesty and integrity, will continue to accomplish our goals and strive to fulfill our mission and vision by:

  • Sponsoring events and conferences that provide unsurpassed education,
  • Promoting and advancing the quality of care and professionalism in North Dakota EMS,
  • Encouraging and providing public education,
  • Furthering the development of the highest ethical standards,
  • Inspiring teamwork among those who are dedicated to saving lives,
  • Serving as a channel of communication for individual providers and EMS groups and
  • Initiating and supporting legislation that progresses EMS.

Current Interests

Although NDEMSA is constantly engaged in activities that help us further our purpose and reach our goals, such as those listed above; we also narrow our focus to matters of great importance to the industy when necessary. We have identified the four areas below as needing immediate attention and will continue to dedicate significant time and effort to these activities.

Investing in Leadership Development

Mitigating Energy Development Impact

Supporting the Growth of an EMS System

Engaging and Educating the Public

North Dakota EMS Association

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