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The North Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association was founded in 1976.  It was started following the first ever EMS conference that was held in North Dakota in 1975.  Over the next several months and after many hours of planning and forethought the Association became a reality.

The Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws were drawn on June 6, 1976 with revisions adopted on 9/3/1981, 4/16/1982, 6/6/1982, 4/11/1985, 8/16/1987, 4/9/1992, 6/12/1994, 4/20/1995, 1/7/1996, 1/12/1998, 1/27/2002, 2/17/2004, 4/1/2009, 3/3/2011 and the last on 6/11/2012.

Since its founding the ND EMS Association has played a significant role in providing education to EMS providers of North Dakota, and being a voice for EMS providers in our state.  The Association has been lead by many wonderful Presidents and excellent directors.  The Association since its inception has had a volunteer board, including the officers and all directors.  These individuals have spent countless number of hours dedicating their time and talent to further the EMS industry in our state.  The directors and officers have served on multiple committees, task forces, legislative initiatives, and so many projects over the nearly forty years.

The conference, now the EMS Rendezvous Conference & Tradeshow, attracts attendees from throughout the tri-state area and the presenters come from across the United States.  The 2013 conference held April 18-20 in Bismarck will be the 39th annual EMS conference held in North Dakota, making it one of the longest-running EMS conferences in the country.

We hope that you will consider joining the ND EMS Association and becoming an organization of 1,700 members strong. 

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