North Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association

NDEMSA Regional Advisors

Advisors' Purpose

The Regional Advisor's positions were created in response to the growing and ever changing needs facing the industry. Whether EMS agencies and providers are in need of additional resources, technical assistance, industry knowledge or simply an ear to listen the Advisors are their source for support for the EMS Association and the state’s agencies and providers. Not only will this keep the Association abreast of the unique challenges the industry faces, it will also ensure that agencies and providers have access to the services they most need.

Additionally, the Regional Advisors will act as a liaison between the North Dakota EMS Association and the Department of Health.

The positions are flexible, evolving and will adapt to the industry’s needs and demands. Some of the Regional Advisors’ responsibilities include:

  • Technical Assistance and Consulting Services,
  • Regional Coordination,
  • Membership Outreach,
  • Conference Coordination, and
  • Public Education.

Lynn Hartman, EMT- P

Tom Engen, AEMT

Kari Enget

PJ Ringdahl, NRP

North Dakota EMS Association

1622 East Interstate Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58503


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