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Congratulations to 2024 North Dakota EMS Association's Board of Directors 


Cheryl Flick, Bowdon Ambulance

Hello NDEMSA Members. My name is Cheryl Flick and I am asking for your support in re-electing me as the NDEMSA President.

I have been a NDEMSA Board of Director from the Southeast Region since 1999. I have been your President for the past two years, having served as Vice President for three years prior.  As President, I feel I have brought the small, rural, volunteer perspective to the board and feels it’s important to continue to do so. As a Director, I have served on each of the NDEMSA committees and understand the challenges and opportunities those committees work through. My favorite part of being on the NDEMSA Board of Directors is visiting with services to help in any way I can. I learn so much from other services and realize that no matter the size of the service, we all have strengths to share with each other, as well as challenges to solve together.

Your Board of Directors' work year-round for you and I have always enjoyed being a part of that team. NDEMSA has made great strides forward in the past two years. We have committees that have been very involved in everything from education, advocacy, conferences, EMS memorial and webinars. If you go to our website and look at the calendar of events you will see just how busy we are.

I am excited for the future of NDEMSA. We have a strong Vice President in Tyler Kientopf who has sat in on many meetings with me and has been a great colleague who brings his own strengths and knowledge to our team. The NDMESA Board of Directors is a wonderful, hardworking group that I have enjoyed working with and learning from. Our Office Administrator, Corrie Geurts is in her 10th year of employment and continues to keep the office running smoothly. Lindsey Narloch has done a wonderful job with Rural EMS Counts. It is a pleasure to work daily with these ladies. NDEMSA recently completed a strategic plan to help serve our membership even more fully, and while we realize there is still work to do, we’re so proud of how far we’ve come and look forward to working towards future goals. Work which I am looking forward to bringing my perspective and skillset to.

I have been an EMT with the Bowdon Ambulance Service for 34 years. We are a very small, rural volunteer service in the middle of the state. We have a large service area and are always looking for new people to join us. They are genuinely like my second family.

I am married to Dave Flick and we farm and run a ranch by Chaseley, ND with his two brothers. We have two daughters: Ashley, who is married to Kory Carlson and lives by Dunn Center with their two sons Knox and Kye. Chelsey is married to Shelby Block and they live in Nashville, TN. Dave and I enjoy camping, fishing, traveling and being grandparents to Knox and Kye.

If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me.
I would appreciate your vote for President, so I can continue to represent YOU on the NDEMSA Board of Directors.

Secretary/ Treasurer

Loretta Haas, Napoleon Ambulance

Hello. My name is Loretta Haas and I am asking for your vote to be elected as secretary / treasurer for the NDEMSA.

I went to college at UND for premed, but soon realized this wasn’t the path for me.  I graduated with an elementary / middle school education degree in 1992.  I loved my job as educator of my students, but there was still a yearning to help in medicine.  While teaching in the Bowdon area, I was asked to be on the Bowdon Ambulance Service and jumped at the opportunity to be in medicine.  I received my EMT training from Harvey ambulance squad and was certified in 1998.  I was part of the Bowdon Ambulance before moving to Napoleon. Having served on two small services, I see the importance of rural EMS services and promote them as often as I can.  I am currently a high school science teacher for grades 7-12.  I assist with teaching CPR and first aid to our freshmen health class and assist with renewals as well as being considered the resident school nurse for any cuts, bumps, and medical problems.  I take many shifts on our local ambulance service and surrounding services as there are few individuals on the rosters to fill in at certain times.

While serving as a Southeast Director, I have participated on the awards committee and helped with Response Time layout and articles and have filled in with the secretary position with past meetings.  I have assisted with writing articles for NDEMSA website and helping Corrie with article revisions. During the annual conference, I also help Corrie with registration and am Corrie’s designated helper. I have enjoyed my time as a director and I am excited to see the NDEMSA keep moving forward to better itself and help our members become a stronger force in North Dakota.

 I have been married to my husband, Kyle for 22 years.  We have five children: twins Payton and Charmaine (20), McKenzie (19), Sabrina (16) and Felicia (13).  My college children keep me busy with giving EMS advise over the phone as well as helping them with their EMS trainings.  My two oldest daughters are trained EMR’s that use their skills in their college settings and my third daughter is currently taking an EMR class so she can be on our local ambulance service.  I spend what little free time I have attending sporting events as an on-call EMT for football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, golf, and track events.  I like to take time to teach my children life skills like cooking, baking, sewing, needlework, macramé, and other crafting skills.  There is no dull moment in our household. 

 My children and students know that when the tones sound, I need to switch hats to help someone in need.  Due to my involvement with EMS, my daughters have become EMRs and help fill call time when they are home and available.  I have had a few other students also become active in EMS or the medical field due to my involvement.  I would appreciate your vote for secretary/treasurer.

Northwest Region

Shawn Kaylor, Velva Ambulance

Northeast Region

Todd Elfman, Altru Ambulance

Todd began in the healthcare field in 2010 volunteering with Larimore Ambulance while still in High School. After high school he went on to Paramedic school began to work at Altru in Grand Forks at an EMT. After medic school, Todd began to work full time as a paramedic with Altru. In his 10 years at Altru, Todd has become a shift supervisor, member of the MCI committee at Altru, and head paramedic on the Grand Forks Regional SWAT team for the past 5 years.

When he’s not at work, Todd owns Outsider Entertainment, a dj company in Grand Forks. He also enjoys officiating sports for the NDHSAA most recently officiating the State Class B Girls Basketball Championship game in Minot in March of 2023.

Todd has been on the NDEMSA board for the past 6 years. He would appreciate your vote for the NDEMSA NE director.

Greg Martinson, Valley Ambulance & Rescue Service

Greg Martinson in a Paramedic with Walsh County EMS and is the Manager of Valley Ambulance & Rescue Service. 

Greg decided to start the EMS journey in 2009 with Valley Ambulance. In 2012 Greg graduated from Northland Technical College in East Grand Forks with an Associate in Applied Science degree.  Greg went to Wyoming in 2013 and obtained his paramedic license.  In 2014 Greg started working for the Park River Ambulance Service where Greg became an AHA CPR instructor.   July 2018 Greg was asked to be the interim manger for Valley Ambulance during the reconstruction of the service and was requested to be the VARS manager in November of 2019.

Greg was born and raised in Grafton while in high school, Greg played hockey was part of the Boy Scouts of America and obtained his Eagle at the age of 17. After high school Greg started working at the family Auto Body repair shop. Married in 2002 and has one daughter that was born in 2005.  Hobbies include fishing, hunting, camping and relaxing at their lake cabin. Greg has been active in many committees for his daughter’s activities ranging from Figure Skating in Grafton and Grand Forks, Go Kart racing and Girl Scouts.

Greg would be honored in being elected for the NE Region Director and would like to continue with the important work NDEMSA does for the EMS services.

Southeast Region

Jon Peterson, Sanford Ambulance

My name is Jon Peterson.  I have been a paramedic with Sanford Ambulance for the past 11 years and have served as a 911 paramedic, backup dispatcher, and now as an Education Coordinator with Sanford Health EMS Education.  If elected, I look forward to helping not only the Southeast Region but the entire state in any way that I can.  I have served on committees with Sanford Ambulance to improve our operations and believe that with that experience as well as my operations experience, I can bring a lot to the ND EMS Association.  I am always wanting the best for EMS as a whole and look forward to the opportunity to serve the Southeast Region and the state of North Dakota.

Southwest Region

Holly Boltz, Dickinson Area Ambulance, Grassy Butte QRU, and McKenzie County Ambulance

Hello! My name is Holly Boltz. I am a proud wife and mother of 4. I live in Grassy Butte where my husband and I ranch. I am also a paramedic for Dickinson Area Ambulance Service. I am the squad leader for the Grassy Butte QRU and I also pull a shift once in a while with Mckenzie County Ambulance.

 I have been honored to be a SW Director for the past 4 years. I have enjoyed representing the different services and needs of our members. I would love to continue to be a voice for rural EMS and it would be an honor if you would continue to support me in that mission.  Please consider voting for me for SW Director.

Jennifer Hestekin, Dickinson Area Ambulance, and Bowman Ambulance

Hello, my name is Jennifer Hestekin. I live in Bowman, ND with my husband, and have two children. I am a full time Paramedic with Dickinson Area Ambulance, and a part time Paramedic with Bowman Ambulance. I started my EMS career in 2003 as a CPR driver, and eventually passed my EMT. I started working full time as an EMT in October of 2004. As an EMT I fell in love with EMS and wanted to be able to do more in my community. In April of 2006 I became a National Registered Paramedic. During my career so far, I have had the pleasure of managing two different ambulance services, along with teaching EMR, EMT, and AEMT classes. I hold multiple instructor cards with EMS, AHA, and now adding NAEMT courses. I also travel to teach ACLS, and PALS to other ambulance services, along with hospital staff. I continue to enjoy my time in EMS learning every day from every call. Being in rural EMS has many challenges to staffing, to having ALS coverage, and transporting patients for higher level of care. My passion for EMS is to continue grow the EMS community, and brining training classes closer to home. I would be honored and appreciative to be nominated as a SW regional director. I look forward to bringing my EMS knowledge and skills to serve the SW region. I will commit to being an active and organized member, should I be elected. Thank you for your consideration.

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